Thursday, March 29, 2012


My mommy knew it was coming.  I may have looked cute and adorable earlier in the day...

(Me napping on mommy's lap)

but it was time for payback!  Take that mommy!!!

(This is my 4th dead vole I have brought into the house, 5th overall that my mommy knows of.  And I brought it into the house twice today.  Oh how my mommy squealed!) 

Take that mommy!!!


  1. We still maintain that cuteness cancels out naughtiness. Mebbe that was the revenge fur that bath the other day.....

  2. Wow, you are quite the huntress! We are impressed...even though your mom may not be.

  3. GIRLFRIEND! We are exactly alike. I dedded two mousies and brought one into our bed. I really did!

  4. Ho, brave huntress! We wish mommies were more appreciative when we bring them our kill. They just don't understand the honor. We know that you were just resting up earlier, but cute nonetheless.