Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What we've been up to!

Lily here - Sorry my friends, I know my Mommy is horrible at posting!  The gang at Jan's Funny Farm asked what we were up to, so here I am to tell you.

Even though my time outside is now supervised, I caught a vole.  A couple birdies too.  My Mommy was so surprised, she wasn't sure if I still could.

Jan and I also surprised her by being caught laying together.  I have to join Jan, cause if it's the other way around I leave.

And lastly an announcement.  This is me laying against my Mommy's belly.  Does it look big?  Well that's because there's something in there.  My Mommy says we're going to have a baby bean brother! I'm not sure what to think of this.  I like to use the what my Mommy calls "the baby bump" as a pillow, even though it has moves sometimes.  I got a bump to the head once!  He'll be here around the end of October or so.

So we're hanging out and having fun.  But also wondering about some of the changes around here...

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lily is 4!

Lily here!  I am 4 years old today.  My Mommy says she can't believe that I'm 4 already.  I love that even Google tells me, "Happy Birthday Lily" just like last year!

If you guys want to join me in celebrating, here's what I want to do all day:

Everyone have a Happy Easter Weekend!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Our Interview with the Funny Farmer Felines

We are so excited to say we were interviewed by the Funny Farmer Felines for Mousebreath Magazine!

Jan of Jan's Funny Farm made this graphic especially for this interview:

Isn't it great?

We'll hope you'll come back tomorrow cause it's Lily's 4th birthday!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Catching Up

The girl's Mommy here.  I want to thank everybody who has stopped by during the special days for my girls!  I am so sorry that I missed two important days for them.

Monday the 17th was St. Patrick's Day but also was Lily's 3rd gotcha Day!  We love our Lily so much!

Lily's 1st Gotcha Day pic by her Daddy

Yesterday, Wednesday the 19th, was Jan's day on the Cat Blogosphere Calendar!

Jan's page of the calendar

Now for the reason I ended up missing such important things.  The girl's Daddy is from Ontario, Canada and that is where all of his family still is.  We got a call around Valentine's Day that his Father was in the hospital and not doing well.  We planned a two week trip up there.  

The girl's were well taken care of by their Grandma and Grandpa here in Utah.  They got visited and fed twice a day.  

While in Canada, we finally found out the girl's Canadian Papa had stomach cancer.  He passed away 6 days after we arrived.  We were able to be at the funeral and make sure we did everything we could do before we left.  We actually ended up staying a day later because of weather and had our flight time doubled because of the route we had to take home. 

The past week has been spent catching up on things at home.  Which of course meant extra snuggles with our girls.

The girls on the evening we got home.  They do not share a lap very often!

Again thanks so much for those who have thought about us and our girls!  We really appreciate it!

Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm So Glad I Keep My Girls Inside

The girls' Mommy here.  I just had to make a little post after today. 

As I was just about to arrive at my parents house I saw something in the road.  Because it is a not very busy residential road, I moved to the other side with my vehicle.  As I pass by I notice it is a cat laying in the road.  After I park I quickly go inside to get something to pick the cat up and run back outside.  I run back to the road to find a handsome brown tabby with a black collar.  I can tell as I pick him up, he's been dead for a while.  He had a collar, but the only thing on it is a tag that says, "I'm an Iams cat."  I ask my parents and some of their neighbors if they know who he belongs to, and no one knows.  My parents are going to have the cat scanned for a chip if they can't find it's owner. 

I came home and hugged my Lily tight.  I told her I loved her so much and about the cat I found.  He obviously had an owner.  I'm so glad I decided to keep my girls in.  I cried enough tears for a cat I didn't even know.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Joys of After Christmas Sales

Lily and Jan's Mommy here.  Yesterday I went to Petsmart to picked up canned food for the girls when I noticed all the stuff on clearance from Christmas.  I had to pick up a few toys for the girls including the one Jan plays with in this video:

It's a Turbo Scratcher that's normally $16.99 on sale for $8.47!  Jan has been playing with it to the point of panting.  She runs around it in circles, bunny kicks it, and just has a lot of fun.  I also got a replacement laser toy on clearance, since I can't seem to find it.  Seeing my girls have so much fun and saving money on the toys makes me a very happy kitty Mommy!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jan's Gotcha Day!

Lily and Jan's Mommy here.  One year ago I took this picture:

And today I took this picture:

(on Daddy's lap with lasers focused on Mommy)

Happy Gotcha Day Jan!  We're so glad we got you!