Friday, February 17, 2012

What I Like to Watch

Before I start my post my mommy wants to thank everyone for the birthday wishes!  She had a very good birthday.  

Secondly I want to say a big "Thank you!" to Angel Admiral, Katie Isabella and their Mom Carole for introducing me to the cat blogosphere and The Ladies of Autumn.  I'm now an official member of TLOA and you can see my post here.

Now on to my post.  I know most kitties like watching bird or squirrel tv out the window.  I do too.  But I also LOVE watching bird videos on my mommy's computer.  She has a big iMac that she'll play Youtube bird videos for me.  You can see them too, my playlist is here.  I sit staring at the screen waiting for my videos to start.  Sometimes I play with the screen.  Sometimes I lay down and fall asleep.  (My mommy doesn't understand that one, but I'll never tell her why I do... MOL)

I usually don't watch TV, but my mommy sat and watched the puppy bowl and I found it very interesting.  I especially liked the pigs.  Mommy thought I would like the kitten half time.  I lost interest before they came on though.

Here I am watching the puppy bowl:


  1. Star likes to watch bears on tv, not football teams (or whatever they play) but bear documentries! She'll look at other stuff but those bears really get her attention.
    You look quite adorable there watching the puppy bowl!

  2. I (Odin) watches TV too, I fink Lars doesn't see what I see....

    Purrrs Odin

  3. Holy moly! It's like that puppy is right in your face!! We can't get that close to the TV screen because our mom is afraid we'll scratch it.

  4. You are very brave, Lily, not to let those puppies scare you. They are HUGE!

  5. Our Meowm just brought home one of those Mac computers. The only one of us very interested in watching things so far, is Sammy. He likes to try to get things on the screen when Meowm is on Facebook playing the Castleville game. SAmmy is very silly.

  6. Lily, those videos sure sound fun! Moosey likes watching the "Cat Sitter" videos, too.

    Concats on your membership in the TLOA ... that is a beautiful bunch of kittehs for sure!