Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello everyone in the cat blogosphere!  My name is Lily Le Mew.  My mommy and I have been reading your blogs for quite some time, and I finally demanded she start one for me.  I hope you guys will enjoy my blog as much as I have enjoyed yours.

Let's see a few things about me to start off...

I am a 1 year old calico who came from living behind a hotel to living in my very own home with my mommy and daddy.  I think Da Bird is the BEST TOY EVER!  I love cheese, tuna, and crab, yummy!  I am not the loviest, but I will get in a lap at least once a day.  I love to watch birds.  If I don't get my way, I swat my mommy's ankles, but not my daddy's.  I think my daddy is the best!

I hope that is good for now.  I'll be posting much, much more about myself, so stay tuned!


  1. Hi Lily! Thanks for stopping by to visit us! Do you live in the Salt Lake area? Maybe our humans can meet one day. We think you are very cute and we are glad you were rescued!!!!!!!

  2. Welcome! Can't wait to start learning more about you! And thank you for visiting my blog! Such a pretty kitty you are!

  3. Lily darling, go introduce yourself on the Cat Blogosphere. I will start for you.

  4. Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere, Lily! You'll have a great time blogging and visiting-it's an awesome community.

    1. Thanks for visiting! My mommy and I have visited Fuzzy Tales for awhile. The tussles between Nicky and Derry are always entertaining!

  5. Hi there Lily! Nice to meet you. Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere!

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  7. Hello, Lily. My, aren't you lovely!

    Welcome to our cat blogging community. Stop over and see us some time.

    George, Tipper, Max & Misty
    The Crew

  8. hi lily! we also think that "da bird" is the bestest toy ever!!! mom changes the toy on the end for us. kintaro loves the feathers and tt loves the mousie.

    kintaro and tt
    of kazoku neko

  9. Well, hello there, & welcome to the world of Cat Blogging!

    You are quite the cute little lady!

    Mr. Nikita and Elvira Mistress of Felinity

    Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat

  10. So nice to meet you!
    We are Lars and Odin , 2 bengal cats from Holland.