Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Nicknames

My mommy wants to thank everybody who commented on the last post!  She was a little worried about how others would react, but she shouldn't have cause the CB is such a great bunch of kitties and their beans!

So onto my post for the day.  Mommy wanted to let you guys know about all the nicknames I have.  I know some will be familiar to other kitties out there.

Here we go:  Lilykins, Lily Billy, Lily Bo Lily (by my grandpa), Peanut, Sammy (by my other grandpa), Lily Baby, Baby, Baby Girl, Cutie, Trouble (which I think means I get to go outside, so I will answer to it), Pain in the Bum, Spoiled Kitty, Crazy Kitty, Daddy's Little Girl...

and Box Kitty!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Serious Post

Lily's mommy here:  I'm gonna do a serious post today.  One thing I love about the cat blogosphere is the information we can share and help others out.  I have learned so much from you guys.  I hope no one is offended or upset at me for posting about this, but I just wanted to let everyone know about what happened when Lily was spayed.

So when Lily was brought into the call center she was skinny like most strays.  She was taken to someone's home, bathed, and taken to the vet for a checkup and her first shots.  She was taken back to the call center and her spay was scheduled.  She was about 9 months old by the vet's guess.  

The lady who had taken responsibility for her dropped her off the next week for her spay.   She had given the vet her home number and planned on picking her up after work.  She had not thought about the vet needing to contact her while at work.  When the vet started the spay he discovered that Lily was pregnant.    He tried to call the lady, but could not contact her because she was at work.

Now from what I understand most vets usually will not spay under these circumstances, but this is the humane society vet.  He sees all the cats that go through the shelter.  Not knowing what to do, he went ahead and spayed her.  

I do not know how far along she was.  It upset a lot of people at my husbands workplace.  They started calling the lady a "kitten killer."  I do no blame her one bit.  I am very sure that she would have said no if she knew.

When we started having Lily with us on weekends, we had to take her to the vet because she had a full mammary gland and we were worried it was blocked.  Of course we had to explain to our vet what had happened.  Our vet thanked us for not contributing to the pet overpopulation problem.  That made me a little upset, but I know she meant well.  Lily was fine and just needed time for the hormones and milk to get out of her system.

I'm not quite sure what the message I think people should get out of this.  Mainly please, please, please spay and neuter and adopt shelter pets.  I know I'm preaching to the choir so to speak.

Thanks for listening about my Lily.

Edited to add:  Just wanted to make sure everyone knows I don't blame the humane society vet.  I really don't blame anybody.  I just knew this was something I did not want to hide about how Lily's life started off.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Payback for Mommy!

My mommy has been bad at posting and commenting so this post is payback!  She hates having her picture taken, but let my daddy takes these cause I'm so cute!  Now everybody will see her picture even though she doesn't like it, hehehe!  

I love to hang out with mommy holding me this way.  Sometimes I give her hugs too with a paw on each side of the neck.  Anybody else like to be held this way?

Friday, February 17, 2012

What I Like to Watch

Before I start my post my mommy wants to thank everyone for the birthday wishes!  She had a very good birthday.  

Secondly I want to say a big "Thank you!" to Angel Admiral, Katie Isabella and their Mom Carole for introducing me to the cat blogosphere and The Ladies of Autumn.  I'm now an official member of TLOA and you can see my post here.

Now on to my post.  I know most kitties like watching bird or squirrel tv out the window.  I do too.  But I also LOVE watching bird videos on my mommy's computer.  She has a big iMac that she'll play Youtube bird videos for me.  You can see them too, my playlist is here.  I sit staring at the screen waiting for my videos to start.  Sometimes I play with the screen.  Sometimes I lay down and fall asleep.  (My mommy doesn't understand that one, but I'll never tell her why I do... MOL)

I usually don't watch TV, but my mommy sat and watched the puppy bowl and I found it very interesting.  I especially liked the pigs.  Mommy thought I would like the kitten half time.  I lost interest before they came on though.

Here I am watching the puppy bowl:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Cat Loving Mommy

Even though my mommy has been bad about posting, I'm going to tell you a little about how much she loves kitties.  She has been a cat person for as long as she can remember.  

Her birthday was on monday, and she always tells people to get her something with cats on it if they can't think of anything better.  Nobody did, but they did wrap them in wrapping paper with cats all over it and a card that meows happy birthday.  

She usually keeps the gifts that are cat related.  One year though she got one of those cats made of rabbit's fur that looks like they are sleeping in a basket.  That creeped her out a little.  A niece asked if she could have it and she happily gave it to her.

My daddy gave my mommy a cat as his very first present to her.  (They went and picked her out together, so he didn't just bring her a cat home.  Until I came around that is.  MOL)

Here's how me and my mommy got to spend the morning on her birthday after daddy went to work.

She's says it's the best present she could get from me!

Friday, February 10, 2012

How I Found My Daddy

Now mommy gets to tell the story of how I was rescued.  

My daddy works in Salt Lake City in an area where the "airport" hotels are.  Right behind his workplace is the back of one of these hotels.  At this time there was a call center in the same building.  

Someone noticed me living behind the hotel, and decided they needed to bring me inside.  I ran around inside the call center, because I was afraid of people at first.  It is thought that I was probably lost or abandoned by someone at the hotel.  When I finally started to warm up to people I was taken home (not with my daddy), bathed, and taken to a vet to get my first shots and exam.  I was brought back to the call center and named Lily Le Mew by a nice lady who worked there.  I was going to be an office kitty.  It was not meant to be though.

At first I loved running around, getting love, stealing food, and being the company mascot.  Then came a big layoff.  The call center went from 24/7/365 to Monday to Friday 9 am -5 pm.  I got lonely.  My daddy was the first to arrive in the morning, and I was always waiting for him at the door.   He really worried about me and started taking me home on weekends so I wouldn't be lonely.  Even on weekends I would cry if I thought no one was around.  This made my daddy even sadder.

Luckily for me, a time came when the CEO found out about me and warned the manager that I had to go.    Daddy brought me home on St. Patricks day of 2011.  I love it because my mommy is home all day so I'm rarely alone.

Here's a picture of me at the call center after I was cleaned and checked by a vet:

(That's not my daddy's hand, he took the picture.)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm Such a Good Hunter!

My mommy was going to post about how I came to my home, but I had other ideas.  As of today (as far as my mommy knows) I have killed 3 voles and 1 bird.  I don't understand why she was so upset to find the newest one after she finished cleaning my litter box.  They are so fun to kick around, and their guts are so yummy!  The first two she found as soon as I brought them in.  They were promptly thrown back out, ruining my fun!  The bird is a whole different story.  The only thing my daddy found was a pile of feathers.  

Here's a pic of the first vole before I killed it and the pile of feathers my daddy found:

Aren't I such a good hunter?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello everyone in the cat blogosphere!  My name is Lily Le Mew.  My mommy and I have been reading your blogs for quite some time, and I finally demanded she start one for me.  I hope you guys will enjoy my blog as much as I have enjoyed yours.

Let's see a few things about me to start off...

I am a 1 year old calico who came from living behind a hotel to living in my very own home with my mommy and daddy.  I think Da Bird is the BEST TOY EVER!  I love cheese, tuna, and crab, yummy!  I am not the loviest, but I will get in a lap at least once a day.  I love to watch birds.  If I don't get my way, I swat my mommy's ankles, but not my daddy's.  I think my daddy is the best!

I hope that is good for now.  I'll be posting much, much more about myself, so stay tuned!