Friday, April 19, 2013

Lily is 3!

Hey kitties, Lily here!  Today is my 3rd birthday.  Even Google knew it was my birthday!

See the hover text says, "Happy Birthday Lily!"  My Mommy didn't know they did this.  (It was in Google Chrome while logged in to Lily's account.)

I started my day with snuggles with my Mommy in bed.  Then I laid on my bed in the front window.

Mommy brought me breakfast in bed!  Fishy gooshy food, so yummy!

Later I got a brand new box!

I may look unhappy here, but it was because of the paparazzi.

See it's perfectly Lily sized!

Now Mommy go away I'm trying to sleep!

Lily's Mommy here.  Since she's asleep, I thought I'd tell you the other fun thing she did today.  She had supervised outside time!  She was pretty good and patrolled her yard looking for voles.  Once she tried to leave the yard it was time to go back in.  I hope she is having a good birthday.  We are so lucky to have our little girl!


  1. Sounds like an excellent birthday to us. Happy Birthday sweet Lily!

  2. Happy birthday, Lily! It seems like you had a fantastic day! :-)

  3. Happy belated birthday, Lily! We hope you had a most wonderful day! :)