Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm So Glad I Keep My Girls Inside

The girls' Mommy here.  I just had to make a little post after today. 

As I was just about to arrive at my parents house I saw something in the road.  Because it is a not very busy residential road, I moved to the other side with my vehicle.  As I pass by I notice it is a cat laying in the road.  After I park I quickly go inside to get something to pick the cat up and run back outside.  I run back to the road to find a handsome brown tabby with a black collar.  I can tell as I pick him up, he's been dead for a while.  He had a collar, but the only thing on it is a tag that says, "I'm an Iams cat."  I ask my parents and some of their neighbors if they know who he belongs to, and no one knows.  My parents are going to have the cat scanned for a chip if they can't find it's owner. 

I came home and hugged my Lily tight.  I told her I loved her so much and about the cat I found.  He obviously had an owner.  I'm so glad I decided to keep my girls in.  I cried enough tears for a cat I didn't even know.