Friday, November 29, 2013


Hi everybody, Jan here!  My Mommy says I have a very important thing to post about.  Some of you know this, but I got my name from a very special person.  My Mommy knew of her blog, but didn't visit very often.  Her name's Jan Struckhoff and her blog was the Rocky Mountain Meezers.  This past Wednesday was the year mark since her passing.  Mommy and I are sad that the Cat Blogosphere had to lose such a wonderful person.  So this blog is to let you know more about me, where I came from, and how I'm doing for all those who have been wondering about her namesake.

You can see my very first blog post here at my Foster Meowm's blog.  She's the one that found me and gave me my special name.  My Mommy saw me there and decided I could make a good sisfur for Lily.

This is my very first picture when I came to live with Mommy and Daddy.  I have been here for almost a full year now.  On my first night I had my own room and Mommy and Daddy took turns coming to visit me.  Lily knew I was in there and cried during the night while I was locked in.  I was pretty much let loose on the house after that.  Lily and I aren't the best of friends, but we have lots of fun together. She even bathes me sometimes.  I don't reciprocate those baths.  I used to try to nurse on Lily's belly, but she would attack me when I tried.

I am a drooler.  I drool and make happy biscuits.  My Mommy has a video up of me doing it!

I am not very loud.  At first most of my meows were silent.  I started to make the "chattering" noise like you make when you see a birdie outside.  I can meow a little better now, but it's just not loud.  I can purr though!  My Mommy made a video of that the other day.

I love playing with toy mousies, Da Bird, the Cat's Meow, and pretty much any cat toy I see moving.  I don't always like treats.  I love food!  I will get in my Mommy and Daddy's face while they are eating.  I am impatient in the morning for our morning can of food.  I will pester my Mommy until she gets up.

I have an obsession with knocking over my Mommy and Daddy's water cups.  They can't leave a cup anywhere I can get to.  I cannot jump very high though.

I am a pretty good girl for the most part.  I am really lovey and love any pets that you can give me!  I am doing well and not having any problems.  I really hope that I am doing well at living up to my name.