Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What My Parents Have Been Up To and an Award!

Kitties, I am so sorry I haven't been able to blog!  Especially since Nerissa of Nerissa's Life so kindly gave me an award!

Firstly my parents have been busy working on our home and lawn.  You see they bought their first home almost a year ago and it's a fixer upper.  It had been empty for over a year and not very well taken care of.  So first they had to care for the lawn and plants, which are all doing quite well now that they've had more TLC.  Also the house needed to be painted before this winter comes.

Here I am supervising the painting from inside.

So now that they're done hopefully my secretary Mommy can spend more time on the important stuff, like blogging and catching up with my friends!

Now onto my award... The Versatile Blogger Award

Isn't it pretty?  Thanks so much Nerissa!

So I understand I have to share seven random thoughts about myself.

1.  I now like kids!  My Mommy has no idea what happened, but I will now run up to kids outside and    ask for attention.  I used to run at a mere hint that a kid could be trying to touch me.

2.  I love exploring behind doors that are closed most of the time.  This includes closets, cupboards, and the fridge.  I don't get in the dishwasher or washer/dryer though.

3.  I once jumped in the shower with my Mommy.  This kind of goes with number two, but I'll never, ever, ever do that again!

4.  I have an fifteen year old Aunt kitty named Izzy that I lived with for awhile after my Mommy and Daddy gotcha-ed me.  We didn't get along very well though.

5.  My parents never really use my last name.  My Mommy decided to use it for my blog because she thought it is a pretty name for a pretty lady cat like myself.

6.  I have taken over my Mommy's pillow at night to sleep.  She added an extra pillow to the bed in case there's no room for her while I'm sleeping.

7.  I almost went home with my Grandma one time when she was visiting.  I had jumped into her car while she was loading up some of my parent's laundry when the washer broke.  She said she'd take me home with her, but I jumped out before she got in.

Here's me on my Mommy's pillow.