Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sorry I've Been Away So Long!

Hi kitties, can you see me?   No hold on a sec!

Here I am!  Sorry I've been away so long!  My mommy said she just got overwhelmed with things happening around here that she needed to take a break from her blogging duties for me.  What have I been up to?  Let's see: hanging out in the 3 trees in my yard, being the mighty huntress that I am, snuggling with my parents, sleeping, eating and everything else I normally do.

My mommy was sad she missed being able to go to blogpaws even though it was so close.  She hopes all the pet parents enjoyed visiting Salt Lake City.

I wanted to share a picture from one of the many wildfires going on here in the west.  We've had one kind of close to us, but it was put out fairly quickly.  We sure wish it would rain and cool down!

This is from USA Today.  It's a lady here in Utah who found these kittens under a burned out truck in her neighborhood that had burned in a wildfire.  We don't know anymore about the story, but we sure are sad for all those who are affected by the wildfires.

Well I'm gonna get back to watching over my neighborhood from the tree.  Hope every kitty has a good day!